Discovering How Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally Beats Drugs

Discovering How Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally Beats Drugs

Article by Rachel Willson

Lowering high blood pressure naturally is the goal of thousands of Americans who want to rid themselves of the condition and do it without drugs. The American Heart Association heartily endorses this effort encouraging people to make changes in lifestyle and only to resort to drugs if changes in die and exercise fail.

Does this sound like something you would like to explore?

The amazing thing about high blood pressure or hypertension is that it affects nearly 60 million Americans and gets relatively little press or public awareness. Think about it. Nearly 1 in 4 adults has this condition. High blood pressure causes 50,000 deaths each year and is a leading contributor to heart attacks and stroke. When’s the last time you saw a news story or public service announcement about hypertension?

Maybe it’s because there are no outward symptoms and out of sight equals out of mind. Nonetheless, billions are spent on medical costs and lost productivity each year. It’s an endemic in this country.

And you know what? Ninety percent of it is preventable. The same goes for curing it. Ninety percent of high blood pressure sufferers can reverse their condition and do it naturally. Then why are millions taking high blood pressure medication?

Maybe it’s just our modern culture. For everything wrong with you there’s a pill that can fix it. Would you really listen to your doctor if he said “go home, take the salt shaker off the table and eat salmon tonight.” That just doesn’t sound like modern medicine. “Go buy these pills and take two a day for the rest of your life.” Now you’re talking. Now that sounds like real medicine!

And then you find yourself taking the drugs and living with the side effects and the expense and the knowledge that you are locked into them for the rest of your life. That’s usually when people start looking for an alternative solution.

Lowering high blood pressure naturally simply involves changes in diet, exercise behavior and stress management. It’s important to understand that there has to be changes in each of these areas for the remedy to work. Just becoming an exercise fanatic alone will not do it.

To give you a brief idea of what to expect;

Your diet will change to include fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, poultry and lean white meat. Salt and excessive red meat will be eliminated.

Exercise will become an everyday part of your life. Thirty minutes biking or walking each day.

Stress management will become a priority. Learn to do deep breathing exercises, meditation and muscle relaxation techniques.

Lowering blood pressure naturally is not an extreme lifestyle change. It can be done and the result is a longer healthier and happier drug free life.

Did you know that lowering high blood pressure naturally can lower blood pressure by as much as 20 points in three weeks? Would you like to know how? Get the answer by visiting right now! You’ll be glad you did.

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Diabetes Menu

Diabetes Menu

Diabetes is a disorder where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin to cover the consumption of food that a person intakes, causing the blood sugar levels to rise. A lot of food, when the body breaks it down for storage, turns into a form of sugar. This is why the diet of a diabetic person is very important. A person who is diabetic needs to watch what they are eating in order to help regulate their blood sugar levels as much as possible, no matter if they are Type 1 or Type 2.

This does not mean that a person cannot eat what they want or that they have to stick to a diet that is basically all vegetables or fruits. As a diabetic, one needs to eat a variety of different foods and in the right proportions to help maintain as healthy of a diet as possible, just like someone who is not diabetic. Proteins are just as important to a diabetic diet as vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and so on.

Proteins help to maintain steady blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrates, when the body breaks it down, turns into a sugar. This is why it is recommended for a person who has hypoglycemia to eat a carbohydrate and a protein to help cause the blood sugar level to rise. The sugar causes it to rise while the protein helps keep the blood sugar level there, instead of dropping again. Now, you can see how the proper diet is very important for a diabetic.

Diabetic Menu
The menu for a diabetic can be flexible. It does not have to be “set”. The diabetic menu should be low in sugar, of course, and contain plenty of proteins and vitamins. Do take into consideration that sugar can hide in different forms. You will want to learn how to read the nutritional label of all foods and if they do not have one, there are books that will aid you in learning the nutritional guidelines for that particular food.

Just because something says that it is sugar free, does not mean that it is. If it is sugar free and still has carbohydrates listed on the label, then technically, it has sugar.

The best way to learn how to prepare a diabetic menu is to purchase a diabetic cookbook or to consult with a dietician. They can help to teach you what to look for, what to avoid and what you can have plenty of. For example: meat (non-breaded), cheese and eggs are virtually carbohydrate free, so if you are looking for a snack, then these are perfect as they will not affect your blood sugar levels. (Eggs do have 1 gram of carbohydrates, so only eat less than four, otherwise, it will affect your blood sugar levels.)

Don’t forget the Condiments
Yes, condiments do affect blood sugar levels. When deciding on your menu, take into consideration the condiments that you will be using. Spices don’t count; however, ketchup, steak sauce and so on should be used sparingly. Also, flour causes blood sugar levels to rise, so anything that is breaded should be consumed sparingly.

There is a lot to learn about diabetic diets and how to prepare a diabetic menu; however, once you start doing it, it will just become natural. You will automatically know that one piece of white bread is around 11-16 grams of carbohydrates and then you will learn which brand to purchase (the lower carbohydrate total) so that you are allowed to consume more.

Go to Diabetic Diet Zone to get your free ebook on Diabetic Diets at Diabetic Diet. Diabetic Diet Zone also has information on Diabetes Menu along with a lot of other free information. Come by our new Diabetic Diet Community site today for free ebooks and other free information that can help you today.

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