How to plan for high blood pressure diet and low carb diet

How to plan for high blood pressure diet and low carb diet

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How to plan for high blood pressure diet and low carb diet: A proper and scientific diet plan has a very important role in shedding weight effectively. Actually most of people stress more on diet plans for weight loss and look for various diets which include foods which could effectively reduce weight. A low carb diet is a that which can limit carbohydrate intake in the body such as there is restriction on the food items rich in carbohydrates- starchy vegetables, grains, fruits and give more stress on the protein rich food items. A high blood pressure diet should have those things which could reduce the blood pressure and keep the body healthy. Obesity or excessive body weight is responsible for the onset of high pressure of blood so if one could restrict the weight of the body effectively then high blood pressure and other ailments related to it could be under control. A low carb diet also aims at reducing the body weight thus reducing the risks of heart attack. The features of high blood pressure diet are-

Avoid eating too much of salt in the food as salt could elevate the blood pressure. It is better to take the advice of the doctor regarding the dose of salt in the regular diet plan as it is bad for heart also.Saturated fats especially the Trans fats should be avoided completely as these are bad for heart and high blood pressure patients. You can use the monounsaturated fats such as canola oil, olive oil etc for cooking purposes or eating.Fatty foods like cheese, butter, red meat, fried foods should not be included for the high blood pressure diet.

When a low carb diet is planned then it is aimed at losing weigh naturally. It is beneficial for reducing the risk of heart attack, diabetes, cancer and other metabolic abnormalities. There are many foods which are the good source of carbohydrates such as fruits, nuts, milk, vegetables etc. Carbohydrate is needed for the body to get energy. During digestion sugars and starches are broken down into simple sugar and carried to the various parts of the body providing energy. So when one is planning the diet which has low carb, the dietician and the health care provider should be consulted otherwise the body could have serious health problems. People choose a diet plan with low carbohydrate because they aim at losing weight or just out of simple liking.

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