Exercise is a quick way to lower blood pressure

Exercise is a quick way to lower blood pressure

Article by Groshan Fabiola

Recent research shows us that high blood pressure, or hypertension, affects one out of three Americans. This is caused by the fact that many people have a junk-food diet that is rich in fats and they don’t exercise to lose some of those fats at all.

Having a high blood pressure doesn’t seriously affect you directly, and it has no symptoms, but if you’ve been having a high blood pressure for long than you are at a very high risk to develop a heart disease or to suffer a heart-attack.
So if you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure then you have to start the treatment before things get worse. You can treat high blood pressure with the help of medication but you’d have to take drugs throughout your whole lifetime and most of them have a long list of side effects.
The best way to lower blood pressure is by changing your diet and by exercising a lot. The diet must be changed so that it contains as little salt and fat substances and as many fruits, vegetables and any other fiber-rich products.

Recent research has brought the importance of physical exercises to light. Whether you are slim or overweight, if you want to lower your blood pressure than you have to leave your couch and start moving. Exercising regularly will not only lower your blood pressure but it will do a lot of good for your health.

Exercising can lower the cholesterol from your blood, thus relaxing the arteries and allowing the blood to flow easier, leading to a lower blood pressure.
It can also help you lose weight. If you are overweight and you lose 10 pounds then you will feel a significant change in your blood pressure’s value.

You will notice a reduction in your blood pressure in the first two months after you’ve started, and you can keep the blood pressure reduced if you continue to exercise and eat healthy.

How much physical activity is required in order to notice the positive effects?
Well you need at least 30 minutes of activity daily, and the exercises must make you must sweat and burn the extra calories. If you keep doing this for a year you will be surprised to find out that you are much healthier and thinner. If you plan on losing a lot of weight then you should exercise for 60 minutes each day.

The recommended physical activities are swimming, jogging, cycling, playing football or tennis, or going to a gym daily.
It may be hard to get used to 30 minutes of exercising per day, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it and you notice the positive effects you’ll want to do more.

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Article by OurHealth

High Blood Pressure Symptoms – Health

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms I

High blood pressure usually causes no symptoms.

* Even if high blood pressure does cause symptoms, the symptoms are usually mild and nonspecific (vague, or suggesting many different disorders).
* Thus, high blood pressure often is labeled “the silent killer.”
* People who have high blood pressure typically don’t know it until their blood pressure is measured.
Sometimes people with high blood pressure have the following symptoms:

* Headache
* Dizziness
* Blurred vision
* Nausea

People often do not seek medical care until they have high blood pressure symptoms arising from the organ damage caused by chronic (ongoing, long-term) high blood pressure. The following types of organ damage are commonly seen in chronic high blood pressure:

* Heart attack
* Heart failure
* Stroke or “mini stroke” (transient ischemic attack, TIA)
* Kidney failure
* Eye damage with loss of vision
* Peripheral arterial disease
* Outpouchings of the aorta, called aneurysms

About 1% of people with high blood pressure do not seek medical care until the high blood pressure is very severe, a condition known as malignant hypertension.

* In malignant hypertension, the diastolic blood pressure (the lower number) often exceeds 140 mm Hg.

* Malignant hypertension may be associated with headache, light-headedness, or nausea.

* This degree of high blood pressure requires emergency hospitalization and lowering of blood pressure to prevent brain hemorrhage or stroke.

It is of utmost importance to realize that high blood pressure can be unrecognized for years, causing no symptoms but causing progressive damage to the heart, other organs, and blood vessels.
High blood pressure symptoms…
foods-that-should-be-avoided for high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Symptoms : Other Therapy

Alternative therapies may be helpful to people trying to control their blood pressure.

* Acupuncture and biofeedback are well-accepted alternative techniques that may help some people with high blood pressure.

* Techniques that induce relaxation and reduce stress are recommended. These include meditation, yoga, and relaxation training.

* These techniques alone will not keep the blood pressure in the healthy range for many people. Do not use these as a substitute for medical therapy without first talking this over with your health care provider.

Dietary supplements and alternative medications and therapies are sometimes recommended for high blood pressure.

* Examples are vitamins, garlic, fish oil, L-arginine, soy, coenzyme Q10, herbs, phytosterols, and chelation therapy.
* While these substances may be beneficial, the exact nature of their benefits is not known.
* Scientific studies have produced no evidence that these therapies lower blood pressure or prevent the complications of high blood pressure.
* Most of these substances are harmless if taken in moderate doses. Most people can take them without problems.

* Talk to your health care provider if you are considering any of these treatments. Substituting these therapies for medical therapies that have been shown to lower blood pressure and the risk of complications may have a harmful effect on your health.
High Blood Pressure Symptoms

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