High Blood Pressure Acupuncture – Treating Hypertension Untraditionally

An alternate method to treat the serious cardiovascular condition is the high blood pressure acupuncture. Actually, the acupuncture is the most common form of complimentary healthcare treatment used to reduce high blood pressure.

This type of healthcare is a conventional Western form of treatment that has been proven to be very successful. In fact, the success has warranted more interest in incorporating these techniques into the regimen of treatment options available to patients.

High blood pressure acupuncture is a drug-free solution that utilizes the body’s innate physical, energetic and psychological ability. Experts declare that the acupuncture is more aggressive than any single- drug therapy or life-style modification.

The experience and treatment is primarily based on Chinese medicine commonly referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese medicine treats high blood pressure in two specific ways. One of the techniques is to actually treat the symptoms and the other is to treat the patient as a whole.

To treat the symptoms of high blood pressure, the acupuncture experts will puncture direct points as soon as the diagnosis of hypertension has been made. Certain acupoints are stimulated by the needles causing the elevated blood pressure to descend.

However, in most cases, the patients pre- existing or concrete conditions are not taken into consideration. Such acupoints targeted are the Renying (ST9, Zusanli (ST16), and Shaoshang (LU11). In order to treat a patient as a whole, the acupuncturists must use extreme caution.

Specifically, the process is challenging in that it is based on differentiation of syndromes. Clinical aspects of individual cases, such as signs and symptoms, including the pulse conditions and the tongue appearances need to be analyzed. This, in turn, would determine the type and nature of that particular case in order to choose an appropriate method to treat it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and high blood pressure acupuncture identifies hypertension as having four main types of syndromes:

• “Excessive liver- yang syndrome” is characterized by clinical phenomena such as dizziness, headache, flushed face and eyes, bitter taste in mouth, and restlessness. According to TCM, this type of syndrome is the result of excessive liver yang.

• “Yin-insufficient yang-excessive syndrome” is characterized by clinical phenomena such as headache, dizziness, dry mouth, hot feeling in the palms and soles, palpitation, and rapid pulse. This is due to excessive liver yang while the liver yin is insufficient.

• “Yin- insufficiency syndrome of the liver and kidney” is characterized by dry and uncomfortable feeling in the eyes, dizziness, weakness of waist and legs, sleeplessness, red and dry tongue with little coating, and thin and taut pulse. This is due to insufficiency in both kidney and the liver yin.

• “Yin and Yang insufficiency syndrome” is characterized by dizziness, palpitation, tiredness, pale tongue with white coating, tinnitus, and taut and thin pulse. This is due to insufficiency of both yin and yang of the body.

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Do You Know The Cost Of Not Treating Your High Blood Pressure?

Are you one of the estimated 20 million Americans who have high blood pressure but is doing nothing to treat it?  You do know what the consequences of not reducing your blood pressure are right?  Those consequences read like a scene out of ER.  Heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and now high diastolic blood pressure is being looked at as a possible contributor to Alzheimer’s.

What was that really good reason for doing nothing again?

High blood pressure is endemic in the United States.  Over 60 million Americans have it and fully a third is doing nothing about it.  Probably the biggest reason that some ignore this very dangerous condition is that it has no outward symptoms.  It may take years of abusing your blood vessels before the affects of high pressure manifest themselves as a heart attack or worse.

Out of sight out of mind is not a valid strategy when treating high blood pressure.

The really frustrating part for public health officials is that this condition can be prevented, controlled and even reversed in 90% of the cases.  And it can be done naturally without medication.

Think about that for a moment.  If you had cancer would you be ignoring it?  If you had cancer and there was a way to control it or reverse it without using chemo or radiation would you ignore it?

Then why are you ignoring your high blood pressure?

The American Heart Association endorses changes in lifestyle over medication when treating high blood pressure.  Changes in diet and exercise can quickly and dramatically reduce both systolic and diastolic pressure.  This isn’t rocket science and it’s not difficult to do.  All it takes is a little knowledge and a little commitment.  It doesn’t require life changing behavior.  Every little bit you do to lower your pressure counts.

Can you do any of these?

Walk for 10 to 30 minutes each day (it doesn’t all have to be at the same time)
Cut back on salt by eating out less.
Eat a banana a day.
Limit your alcohol intake to two drinks a day.
At a fresh fruit daily.
Substitute fish, poultry or lean white meat instead of beef three times a week
Take a garlic supplement daily.

There’s a ton more you could do but if you can do half the things on this list you can control your pressure.  Can you do that?

What are you waiting for?  Take responsibility for your health.  Do it for yourself, do it for your family or do it for your friends.  Just do it.

Just imagine knowing without a doubt exactly what will and won’t have a positive effect on your efforts to treating blood pressure?

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