Treating High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure leads to various serious health problems like stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney and eye problems as well as it also leads to memory loss. If all this is taken lightly, it can be fatal. To avoid all these problems a person suffering from high blood pressure must take effective treatment. The most important thing to be done is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A drug alone is not sufficient to treat this disease.

A healthy life style refers to work out to make your heart beating slightly faster than normal from time to time. Work out does not include going to gym it can be performed in some other ways for instance house chores, gardening, walking the dog or playing active games with children. You can make your heart beating faster by any of the following ways. You should do some exercise also. You should also make some changes in your diet. If you like sauces, pickles and other pre-cooked meals, you will have to avoid them because all these things are sodium rich and lead to hypertension. You should also reduce intake of saturated fats on the other hand you should increase intake of oily fish or fish oil capsules, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Earlier lots of medications for high blood pressure were unsafe to use but now medical science has progressed a lot. Now, the medications are safe to use as well as they have no or less side effects. Medications used to control hypertension are ACE inhibitors, Calcium channel blockers, Beta-blockers, Angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs), Alpha-blockers, and Diuretics etc. Natural herbs are also used to treat high blood pressure. Some most effective herbs are Hawthorn, Ginkgo Biloba and garlic. Garlic thins the blood reducing its ability to clot. Garlic supplements also work like fresh garlic.

Other treatments for high blood pressure are acupuncture and magnetic therapy. Acupuncture relaxes the body and releases some of the strain on the heart. There is no scientific proof for this treatment, but the patients who have tried it, have asserted that it works. Magnetic treatment also helps to control blood pressure. Copper and iron bracelets reduce the effects of blood pressure, but how and why is still a mystery.

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