Treatment Of High Blood Pressure – The Only 2 Ways To Successfully Treat High Blood Pressure

If you’re seeking treatment of high blood pressure (and you’re right to do so because ignoring it gives you typically a doubled or tripled risk of heart attack and stroke) then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll share with you the only two ways that anybody can successfully beat hypertension and relieve themselves of worries about passing before their time.

The Wrong Way – Drugs

If you see your doctor about hypertension then he will almost certainly prescribe you drugs. This is fairly typical of the medical industry today, to instinctively reach for the pad and write a script whenever someone has a problem.

Now drugs are not generally bad but when it comes to high blood pressure then unfortunately there is no magic solution, far from it.

Your doctor will typically prescribe you drugs in pairs according to an “ABCD” rule which refers to the four main classes of hypertension drugs. The whole reason he prescribes them in pairs is to counteract the whole body side effects that come with each one.

Doctors are frequently changing the drug pairings every couple of months in an effort to reduce the side effects or to make the drugs work better because your body has started to tolerate them and your blood pressure is already rising again.

Surely there has to be a better way?

The Right Way – Natural Methods

Don’t think that natural methods for curing hypertension have no medical basis behind them. In fact, they have the strongest evidence backing them up in the form of wide ranging medical trials and having run the peer review process.

In simple terms, you can treat your high blood pressure successfully by using a combination of the following methods: dietary supplements, adding “good” foods, eliminating “bad” foods, the right type of exercise and the right type of stress reduction.

With the above strategy you can successfully reach 115/75, the optimum blood pressure, and eliminate your previously increased risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular disease.

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