Dizzy Spells and High Blood Pressure. Related But not in the Way That you Think

Quite often when people have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and they then go on to suffer incidences of dizziness they tend to panic as to what might potentially be the cause. This is perfectly natural and the best way to deal with this as in all matters pertaining to high blood pressure is to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Quite often dizziness is brought about by the sudden drop in blood pressure and people affected wonder what effect this could have and what is indeed a safe limit for blood pressure to drop to?

Regarding the last question is that there is no specific number to which blood pressure is considered to be too low it is just the fact that a sudden fall in blood pressure can be dangerous.

A sudden drop in blood pressure and the resultant dizziness can be caused by a whole number of things ranging from being pregnant, (if you are a woman) through to an adverse reaction to different types of medications. Lastly it could indeed be what is called neurally mediated hypotension went by the dizziness because primarily as a result of standing for long periods. This is usually considered to be a condition that primarily affects younger people basically occurs because of a miscommunication between the heart and the brain.

What is it about high blood pressure that makes it a problem and when ignored so lethal?

In 90 to 95 percent of high blood pressure cases, the cause is unknown.

In fact, you can suffer from high blood pressure for years without knowing it hence its name “the Silent Killer”.

If spotted there are a couple of signs that can be attributed to high blood pressure and if these are observed and with out apparent cause then they should not be left untreated.

Some of the following can be found to be included as symptoms: Dizziness, Fainting Spells, Morning Headache , Increased frequency of urinating at night.

Though the above can indicate high blood pressure it has to be emphasised that they might just as easily indicate other associate conditions.

What is the exact definition of high blood pressure?

Using an internal network and system of vessels called arteries, the heart pumps blood and nutrients to the body’s major tissues and organs.

In nine cases out of ten then the particular cause of high blood pressure is hard to identify and as such in these cases the high blood pressure is termed “Primary (Essential) High Blood Pressure”.

For those whose incidences of high blood pressure fall outside of the category described above then if the cause of the high blood pressure can be traced directly to one particular failing organ etc then the cause can usually be dealt with and as such the “Secondary High Blood Pressure” can accordingly be treated quite successfully.

In every one out of ten cases of high blood pressure diagnosed, the incidence falls within the category known as “Malignant Hypertension”. Quite often this is discovered totally by accident and may be as a result of an associate test such as an eye test whereby the Optician can sometimes detect the condition by merely looking into a patients eye.

As in all cases if you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure and you suddenly start to suffer incidents like these on a semi regular basis then the bottom line is that you need to see your doctor as soon as is possible.

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High Blood Pressure or Hypertension Herbal Remedies or Home Remedies

Blood pressure normally shoots up during winters because the blood vessel walls get hardened and blood flow becomes slow, raising the pressure of blood in the vessels wall. It is very common in elderly females after menopause (cessation of menstruation) due to hormonal changes taking place in them after stoppage of menstruation around 40 years of age. Before 40, males are more prone to hypertension due to emotional factors. Some people start taking precautions when they are diagnosed as mildly hypertensive. Those who do not care suffer from severe hypertension.

Raised blood pressure is normally diagnosed by chance while treating some other ailment. High blood pressure rarely causes symptoms until organic damage has occurred. Thus it becomes important to diagnose such people before this happens. Blood pressure should be checked at least once to two months and the aim of treatment should be attain a blood pressure below 140/90 mmhg, and ideally a blood pressure of 120/80 mmhg.

Daily intake the onion juice and honey (two teaspoonfuls) once a day is very effective in high blood pressure. Take this treatment for 5-7 days. If you find relief and comfort, continue for some more days.

Grind equal amounts of watermelon seeds and khas khas and keep together. Take one teaspoonful, morning (empty stomach) and evening with water for reducing blood pressure. This mixture melts cholesterol, which starts coming out gradually. Take this for three to four weeks as per need.

Take one teaspoonful of fenugreek sees morning and evening on an empty stomach for 10-15 days with water. It is also useful in diabetes mellitus.

Take one or two pieces of garlic rolled in raisin to lower blood pressure.

Use the water kept in a copper vessel for drinking.

Take four leaves of Tulsi and two leaves of Neem with two to four teaspoonfuls of water, empty stomach, for five to seven days. This reduces high blood pressure.

Take fresh papayas daily on an empty stomach for a month and do not take anything after it.

Onion and garlic, if taken in balanced amounts, do not let cholesterol in the blood increase because they contain fibrinolytic material, which keeps melting the blood cholesterol.

Do not take milk, butter, oil products, cigarettes, alcohol, ghee, salt, potato, jaggery, sweets, polished rice, sugar, meat and fish.

Garlic is a versatile herb that is excellent for thrombosis (clot formation in the heart vessels leading to obstruction in the blood flow), hardening of arteries, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Obesity is considered as major cause of high blood pressure. The greater the weight gains the greater the risk of blood pressure. Hence care should be taken to control excess weight gain. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet aids in controlling weight. Patients of hypertension are normally obese, so reduction in weight is essential. A hypo-caloric diet is recommended for such patients. Even those with normal weight having hypertension should lose weight and reduce energy, which helps in lowering blood pressure.

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