Low Blood Pressure, Should You Be Concerned

Blood pressure is the result of the flow of blood times the resistance in the blood vessels as the heart pumps out blood. Each time your heart beats, it pumps blood into the arteries. When the heart is actively pumping blood, the pressure is at its highest and referred to as systolic pressure. Between beats, when your heart is at rest the pressure falls this is diastolic pressure. These two numbers determine your blood pressure and are usually written one above/or before the other for example 120/80 or spoken as 120 over 80 (Normal). A reading of 90/60 or lower is considered as low (Hypotension), while 140/90 is considered as high (Hypertension). A blood pressure chart when used in tandem with your blood pressure monitor can be an invaluable tool towards alleviating your concerns or fears.

Low blood pressure may not have gained the notoriety as that of high blood pressure but if left untreated its consequences can be just as serious. There are a variety of ailments related to low blood pressure which if not diagnosed and treated in their early stages can lead to serious complications. Most prominent are: postural (orthostatic) hypotension and neutrally mediated (neurogenic orthostatic) hypotension.

Postural hypotension manifests itself as a dizzy or light headed feeling when moving from a lying or sitting position to standing position. It is thought to be caused by the inability of the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary vital actions, such as the heartbeat) to respond appropriately to sudden changes. It is believed that this can happen for a variety of reasons including: lack of food, extended exposure to heat, or being overly tired. People who are taking medication for high blood pressure are also prone to this illness. Treatment is dependent on the severity of the symptoms and may include increased fluid and salt intake and avoiding prolong periods without food or drink. Medication which encourages sodium retention and absorption may also be prescribed.

Neutrally Mediated Hypotension – when the regulation of blood pressure by the body is affected, particularly when standing.It is believed to be a lack of communication between the brain and the nerve censors which control heart rate and blood pressure. Not always is the condition serious, in some cases it may just be temporary while in others it can result in a person being unable to stand for long periods, dizziness, blurred vision and near fainting.

The kidneys can balance low pressure naturally by retaining salt and water, thereby making medical intervention unnecessary. However, it is advisable that you speak to your doctor if your monitor registers consistent low readings or you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned. For some people a reading below 120/80 is normal and no cause for alarm. This low or borderline reading is normal and may even be considered a sign of good cardiovascular health, since this can also be an indication of little stress on the heart, lungs and blood vessels. A fall in pressure may also be due to some event (example standing too quickly) or because of a medical condition. However, low blood pressure cannot always be ignored. If you experience frequent bouts of dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, nausea, rapid weak pulse, muscle weakness, fatigue, headache, cold clammy skin and lack of concentration you should consult your doctor for an evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, if necessary. In extreme cases the body can be deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen which can result in impaired heart and brain functions and respiratory problems leading to loss of consciousness or shock.

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High Blood Pressure Help- Why You Should Throw Away Your Hypertension Medication

The best advice I can give for high blood pressure help is you should throw away your hypertension medication! But let me first explain myself before you throw away your expensive high blood pressure pills. As a natural health expert, I tell my customers these three things about hypertension medication.

First off, since your taking medication to lower your high blood pressure, you probably know that they are expensive. Especially, since everything else is on the rise with the current fuel prices. It is in fact, cheaper to naturally treat this disease than to buy medication. Secondly, high blood pressure is one of the simplest, yet deadliest, diseases to cure naturally! And thirdly, if you have been taking the medication for more than 6 months, it might be a wise idea to wean yourself off the medication before you toss them.

The Truth about High Blood Pressure Medication

This year alone, over 60 million people in the United States were diagnosed with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, and sometimes fatally, most of these hypertension sufferers were recommended harmful drugs to treat the ‘silent killer’. And even more unfortunately, these patients will be taking meds the rest of their life.

However, currently a committee of government officials decided to lower the measuring standards for “normal” blood pressure. What does this mean for us? The consequence of this will be that millions of sufferers who had “normal” pressure will now fall into “pre-hypertension” stage.

And they can do this because high blood pressure is the ‘silent killer’ meaning that it simply has NO side-effects. The first sign of hypertension is a heart attack. Therefore, many people who are taking medication and are content with “normal” blood pressure. They are still at risk of hypertension and possibly a heart attack.

Secondly, hypertension medication is addictive. The body becomes severely dependent upon it over an extended period of time. With that said, you can wean yourself off the medication in a few months and naturally treat high blood pressure.

Thirdly, hypertension medication is also ladened with side-effects. Whatever medication you are taking (whether your body has adjusted to the side effects or not), you might want to think back and consider the small side effects that plague your body. And unfortunately, we have come to accept the side effects because we ‘think’ we NEED the medication to live!

We don’t because of 3 reasons!

Harvard Research Reveals Truth about High Blood Pressure Cure

A recent Harvard research project revealed that it is completely possible to cure hypertension naturally with 3 high blood pressure tips. You can have high blood pressure help by making changes such as losing weight, increasing your activity level and eating the correct nutrition plan (an addition to vitamins and supplements).

With the current research, scientists have found that our bodies are equipped with an internal intelligence which allows the body to heal itself naturally (if given the right tools).

For instance, according to research published in 1995 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, reducing diastolic blood pressure by just 2 mm Hg would result in a 6% reduction in the risk of coronary artery disease and a 15% reduction in risk of stroke and transient ischemic attacks.

And you can do this single handedly with your diet! Imagine what you can do if you add some breathing exercises and the correct vitamins.

Normalize Your Blood Pressure Naturally

You have just learned that you can naturally normalize your blood pressure with 3 lifestyle patterns!

Do you know what exercises are paramount for high blood pressure sufferers?

Do you know simple secrets will help you shed 20 pounds in weeks?

Do you know what core vitamins your body needs to regulate health blood pressure?

To learn about a guaranteed High Blood Pressure Remedy Report, please visit our High Blood Pressure Help Website today!

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