Lopressor – An Effective High Blood Pressure Medication

Lopressor – An Effective High Blood Pressure Medication

Lopressor belongs to a special category of drugs called beta blockers. It can be used for irregular heartbeats, headache prevention, sleepiness and other conditions as guided by the doctor. This medicine is very effective in treating high blood pressure. It lowers high blood pressure that helps prevent strokes and kidney problems. Lopressor is widely used to improve survival after a heart attack. This medicinal drug was approved by FDA in August, 1978. Like any other medicine, it also have certain side effects like abdominal cramps, dizziness, constipation, muscular pain, depression, dreaming, inconstant fever, slow heart rate and low blood pressure. Lopressor can be taken with other medicines but with doctor’s consultation.

One should not stop taking Lopressor all of a sudden. If you do so then you may have to face some serious side effects like sharp chest pain, fluctuating heart beat and heart attack.

The risk may be greater if you already have certain heart disease. One should always consult his doctor before stop taking this medicine. You need to pay special attention if you are taking Lopressor for high blood pressure.

Nowadays, one can easily get various heart and kidney diseases. One may not know when and how they have it. You should always limit your physical activity when you are reducing your dosage of Lopressor.  You should immediately contact your physician in case of worsened chest pain. It is very important that your doctor should know that you are taking Lopressor medication before you receive any medical care or emergency care or any type of surgery. This medicinal drug can hide various signs of low blood sugar which can cause anxiety, chills, sleepiness, fainting and dizziness.

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that side effects of this medicine may also result in less oxygen supply which further leads to heart pain in the body. It may worsen health condition and may also result in death. This medicinal drug should be taken before meals with or without water. It is very dangerous to take Lopressor without consulting the doctor especially for patients who have certain lung and breathing problems. Several measures have to be taken if you have past history of breathing problems or adrenal gland tumours. Your doctor will adjust your dosage of Lopressor or prescribe additional medicine to reduce the risk of side effects. Before start taking this medicine, you should always consult with at least 2-3 doctors. This medication may reduce the contraction of heart muscle in your body and thereby lowers down the blood pressure.

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Herbal for High Blood Pressure – Top 5 Most Effective Herbs

Herbal for High Blood Pressure – Top 5 Most Effective Herbs

Article by Craig William

Searching for some powerful herbal for high blood pressure? There are lots of therapeutic plants available today that will help you battle the consequences of hypertension on your body. Check this out this list of the five best medicinal herbs that are known to reduce your blood pressure efficiently.

1. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)The Arjuna plant’s bark is widely recognized for its exceptional remedial benefits for hypertension. This healing plant protects the heart by enhancing the circulation of blood, preventing internal bleeding, and strengthening the muscles surrounding the organ. The bark of the Arjuna herb is also rich in triterpine glycosides and coenzyme q10, two useful chemical substances that makes your heart and blood vessels perform much more smoothly. As you know, high blood pressure injures the essential body organs (most particularly the heart), so frequent intake of the Arjuna herb will truly assist you in avoiding the dangers of hypertension.

2. Garlic (Allium sativum)Most people only make use of garlic for food seasoning purposes, without realizing that it actually has the ability to decrease your high blood pressure levels by 10%. Apart from reducing your risk for hypertension, garlic is also capable of minimizing blood clotting, and clearing all the plaque and bad cholesterol building up in your arteries. Consuming about 1 to 2 cloves of this all-natural herb for 12 weeks should be sufficient to help fight against your hypertensive condition. You may consume it raw or add it to your daily meals.

3. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)Yet another herb that’s not just a cooking spice but also a remarkable healing plant is ginger. People frequently ingest this root crop without even being conscious of its enormous medicinal advantages. But now that you’re aware of this, you should begin adding ginger to your diet program especially if you’re afflicted by hypertension. This herb is extremely useful in calming artery muscles, easing food digestion, enhancing blood circulation, healing nausea, reducing morning sickness. It’s available in a number of varieties like capsules, dietary supplements, dried roots, fresh roots, grains, liquid concentrates, oils and a lot more. Similar to garlic, you may eat the herb in its raw form or maybe use it in your home-cooked recipes. But whilst ginger is generally proven as a secure and efficient remedy for hypertension, sometimes you will find a couple of unwanted side effects. Some people might come across allergy symptoms, gastric problems, mouth itchiness, or heartburn issues. Extensive studies by medical researchers are still going on in order to figure out the best variety and appropriate dosage to consume, so see to it that you consult your doctor to determine the suitable combination for your case.

4. Guggal (Commiphora wightii)The guggal herb is very common in India, however it may also be found in the Northern African and Central Asian regions. Study reveals that this exceptional herb has the capability to decrease bad cholesterol known as LDL and solve health issues brought on by psoriasis, arteriosclerotic vascular disease, and cardiac ischemia. Guggal is no doubt an excellent herbal for high blood pressure that’s why medical experts highly commend it.

5. Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata)Hawthorn is an extremely helpful herb because it offers many advantages to its users. Some of its most important capabilities are widening arteries, lessening cholesterol levels, stopping atherosclerosis development, regulating heartbeat, improving blood flow, and so on. You have the option of taking this distinctive herb as tea by using its dried leaves and flowers, or you may simply consume hawthorn berry supplements and add it to your diet. Whichever consumption technique you prefer, you’re certain to benefit from a 2.6 mm Hg decrease in your blood pressure rate. All these extraordinary advantages definitely the hawthorn plant a reliable herbal for high blood pressure.

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